About Us

Our History
Spine Align was originally started in 1984 by Dr Susan McCallum who offered the Original Lumbar Support cushion to her patients suffering from lower back pain. Over the years the demand and popularity of this cushion increased beyond Dr Susan’s practice and the company was formally established to satisfy this growing demand. The product range has been expanded to include a number of products that offer support and maintenance for good spinal care and integrity.

Dr Susan studied Chiropractic in the USA graduating in 1983. Since returning from America has been in practice in Cape Town with her brother Dr Roy McCallum (former Springbok rugby player) for the past 28 years. Whilst her primary focus remains on her practice and patient care Dr Susan is a member of Spine Align and oversees new product development and is on hand to offer advice and technical input.

Steve Moubray (Dr Susan’s husband) manages and runs the company together with a dedicated team.

Spine Align has an established network of sales agents throughout South Africa servicing both the health care professionals and retail markets.

Spine Align is a dynamic and flexible company that continually strives to stay in touch with market and customer demands. Spine Align has established a network of quality manufacturing companies in both South Africa and abroad with every effort being made to source locally made products with the objective being to offer – Quality Products at Affordable Prices

The following is a summation of our goals and strategies that we continue to strive to achieve.

  • To continue to grow our passion for health and wellbeing in providing comfort and support for all our customers.
  • To continue to provide great products with great value for our customers.
  • To always aim to manufacture and source products locally wherever possible.
  • To help people to live in better comfort and enrich their lives wherever we can.
  • To maintain our family values as a family business and to make our customers, suppliers and staff feel a part of our big family.
  • To always continue to learn and improve by listening to the ever valuable feedback from our valued customers and health professionals.

We are committed to providing you with quality products at affordable prices.